Unlock Dr.Web Anti-theft

If you forgot your password set for Dr.Web Anti-theft and you device is locked, perform the following actions:

1.Open the page https://antitheft.drweb.com/.
2.Enter the code displayed on the screen of the locked device and the email you used to register Dr.Web Anti-theft on the Doctor Web server into the corresponding fields (see Figure 12).
3.Tap Get code. A special code to unlock the device and disable Dr.Web Anti-theft will be sent to the specified email address.
4.Enter this code in the Enter Anti-theft password field on the screen of the locked device.

The device will be unlocked, Dr.Web Anti-theft will be disabled. To start using Dr.Web Anti-theft again, you need to re-enable and reconfigure it.

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Figure 12. Unlock Dr.Web Anti-theft