Resetting Dr.Web Anti-theft Password Online

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If you have forgotten your Dr.Web Anti-theft password, you can reset in on a Dr.Web Anti-theft web page. To reset your password:

1.On any screen, where Dr.Web Anti-theft requests your password, tap Forgot password? (1 on Figure 16).

The detailed information for resetting the password will become available. Note the Get password on the website area (2 on Figure 16).

In this area, the following information will be shown:

code – a letter code

mail – your email address

Make sure not to close the application and not to switch to another screen.


Figure 16. Getting a letter code

2.On your computer or another device with an Internet access, open Dr.Web Anti-theft page:

3.Enter the letter code and your email address into the fields on the Anti-theft web page (3 on Figure 17).

4.Click Receive password (4 on Figure 17).


Figure 17. Getting a one-time password

You will see a notification confirming that a one-time password has been sent to your email (see Figure 18).


Figure 18. Confirmation that a one-time password is sent

5.Open the letter you have received. Note the one-time password in the email body (5 on Figure 19).


Figure 19. Email containing a one-time password

6.Return to your device. Enter the received one-time password into the Password field (6 on Figure 20).

If your device is not locked, tap the Return icon back in the header to return to the screen with the password field.

7.Tap Log in (7 on Figure 20).

This will unlock your device and reset your Dr.Web Anti-Theft password. You will have to configure it again to use it.


Figure 20. Entering the one-time password received in an email