Appendix A. Forgot password?

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If you forget your Dr.Web account password you can set a new password in one of the following ways:

Via email.

Via SMS from the Buddy’s number. The option is available only if the Dr.Web Anti-theft is enabled.


If Dr.Web is operating in the central protection mode and Dr.Web Anti-theft is configured on the server, you will not be able to set a new password in one of the mentioned ways. In this case, please contact your anti-virus network administrator or IT-provider.

Setting a new password via email

In this section (see Figure 38):

code – key.

mail – your email address.


Figure 38. Setting a new password via email

To set a new password, do the following:

1.Open Dr.Web account webpage: If your device is locked, use a computer or other device with an Internet access.


If you are using Dr.Web of version 11.1.3 or lower, use Dr.Web Anti-theft page for setting a new password at, or update you app to version 12.

2.Enter the key and your email address into the corresponding fields on the webpage.

3.Tap Receive verification code.

You will see a notification confirming that a verification code has been sent to your email.

4.Open the letter. You will see a verification code.

5.Enter the verification code in the Verification code field on your device (see Figure 39).


Figure 39. Entering a verification code received via email

6.Tap Continue.

7.Set a new password. Your password must contain at least 4 characters.

Tap antitheft_hide_pass_cut to the right from the password field to show password characters. Tap antitheft_show_pass_cut to hide the characters.

8.Confirm the password and tap Save.

Setting a new password via SMS from the Buddy’s number

If Dr.Web Anti-theft is enabled on your device, you are allowed to set a new password via SMS from the Buddy’s phone number (see Figure 40). Use one of these phone numbers to send an SMS with #RESETPASSWORD# text to your phone number. SMS commands are not case sensitive. When the message is received you will be able to set a new password on a screen appeared on your device automatically. If your device has been locked it will be unlocked.


Figure 40. Setting a new password via SMS from the Buddy’s number